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Aaron when he was 9

Aaron fugate is an 12 year old american web actor and might act on TV in 2013

Life and career Edit

Aaron Fugate is a web actor and artist he act's on youtube and is planing to act on television by 2013 and has very great art work he was born on January 3 2001 and he already make a animated youtube series see it will show his series on his wall on Aaron Fugate and Aaron Fugate is also a producer director and a executive producer and he lives in Kenosha,Wisconsin.

Future Acting Plans Edit

Aaron is Also going to create his first show to act on and few other people will act on it he will make it a teen sitcom and he will be the main character but he might not make a television show he he don't get the money or if no television channel accept's him then he'll only act on youtube.

Filmography Edit

Year Film-Series Role Notes
2012 series-Film The Stupid Reality Show Host Youtube Animation-Creator
Fugate40 The Series Main role:Aaron Fugate Youtube live action series one of the creators: "Deleted of Youtube Already"
Year Series Role Notes
2012 series My cat is a ninja Lead role:Host Still Running creator-producer-director-host